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Opinions expressed in these papers are strictly the personal opinions of the authors and not reflective of positions or initiatives of MINDS, any agency or office of any Service, or the Department of Defense. These papers may be reproduced and distributed freely and without permission of the authors, however credit must be given to the author when any paper is quoted or reproduced.


MINDS Writing Program

Winner – 2004

The Abrams Doctrine: Has It Been Abused in the Gloabl War on Terror?, Colonel George A. Brinegar

Winner – 2004

Transforming the Cold War Mobilization Mindset, Neil Loidolt

Winner – 2004

Equipment Modernization of the Army National Guard: Can the Army Afford It?, LTC Jerry W. Winberry Jr.

Winner – 2003

Transforming The Army Guard: Minuteman Combat Brigades, MG (R) Gerald T. Sajer

Winner – 2002

Call Out the National Guard! The Historic Basis and Future Options for Employing America’s Unique State/Federal Military Force, Major Robert A. Preiss

Winner – 2002

Homeland Security: A Strategy for the States, MG (R) Gerald T. Sajer

Winner – 2002

Should Army National Guard Force Structure be Based on the Federal Warfight Mission or the Emerging Home Land Security Mission?, COL Thomas Schuurmans

Winner – 2001

The Realization of Inhumanity, Michael R. Evans

Winner – 2000

The Army National Guard: An Agenda for the 21 st Century, MG (R) Gerald T. Sajer

Winner – 2000

Blurred Strategy and the Destruction of the Citizen-Soldier, LTC Joel Cusker

Winner – 2000

Taking Center Stage, Major Gregory A. Pickell

Honorable Mention

Homeland Security: Roles and Responsibilities of the Army National Guard, LTC Daniel Jansen

Honorable Mention

Past as Prologue: The Guard, Desert Storm, and War on Terrorism, Major Gregory A. Pickell

Honorable Mention

Religious Diversity in the Armed Forces: A Growing Equal Opportunity Challenge, Major Robert A. Preiss

Honorable Mention

Total Force and Reserve Integration, LCDR Thomas Simpson

Honorable Mention

State Defense Forces, an Untapped Homeland Defense Asset, LTC Brent C. Bankus



MINDS Keynote Speaker Series

June 17, 2003

Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC)

The National Guard in 21st Century American Democracy

March 7,  2003

Mr. Qubad Talabany, Deputy Representative , Washington Office the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

Iraq Today and the Day After – a Kurdish Perspective

January 23, 2003

Dr. Michael O’Hanlon, Distinguished Scholar, Brookings Institution

War with Iraq

October 29, 2002

Dr. Robert Charles, Esq., former Senate permanent staffer, former Assistant Secretary of State, Drug War & Terrorism

The Drug War & Terrorism

August 26, 2001

Gary L. Geipel

June 20, 2001

Dr. Constantine Menges, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute,  former Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

The New China-Russia Strategic Alignment


Strategic Warnings

May 2003

Iran’s War Against Islam and America, Dr. Constantine C Menges

April 2003

After Saddam, Preventing a Second Iran, Dr. Constantine C Menges

March 2003

After Saddam – Two Democracies or Two Irans, Dr. Constantine C Menges

August 2002

Strategic Warning: Brazil, Dr. Constantine C Menges

April 2002

Venezuela: the Truth About Chavez, Dr. Constantine C Menges

December 2001

Strategic Warning: Sao Paulo, Source: U.S. State Department , Patterns of Global Terrorism 2000


Other Important Papers

September 2006

Briefing Paper on the National Guard In the American Context of the 21 st Century, Dave McGinnis

February 2004

A Complex Relationship: The Soviets and Allies Before and During WWII, Col Vance Renfroe, USAF (Ret)


An Overview of the National Guard: America ’s State and Federal Military Force (NG 101)

April 2003

Winning peace in Iraq and Iran, Dr. Constantine C. Menges

January 2003

Missed Opportunities, Gus L Hargett


The National Guard and the Total Force Policy, Dr. Michael Doubler and Col Vance Renfroe, USAF (Ret)


Coalition Warfare Bibliography, compiled by National Defense University Library and Col Vance Renfroe, USAF (Ret)

June 2002

The Foundation and Development of the National Guard Bureau (Primer), COL (Ret) Frank C. Van Fleet

February 2002

Understanding Domestic Threats, Dave McGinnis


United We Stand, Col Vance Renfroe, USAF (Ret)

May 1995

The National Guard: Meeting America ’s International Challenge, Col Vance Renfroe, USAF (Ret)


Moral Foundations of National Security: A Perspective for Democratic States, Col Vance Renfroe, USAF (Ret)


A Blue Print For Civil-Military Cooperation: The United States National Guard, Col Vance Renfroe, USAF (Ret)