Aleksandra M ("Aleks") Rohde



Colonel Aleksandra M ("Aleks") Rohde, during her 22 years of active military service, has served as both a military lawyer and a strategic planner. Most recently she deployed to Iraq as the Military Assistant to the Senior Advisor, Ministry of Interior, interfacing with the Iraqi police, fire service, border enforcement and customs, strengthening internal national security, the priority in post-war Iraq. While in Baghdad, COL Rohde had the opportunity to apply not only her strategic planning theories to real world challenges, but also her legal skills, particularly in contracting and administrative law. In addition, she drafted and coordinated the Ministry of Interior's input into the "FY 04 Supplemental Request to Rehabilitate and Reconstruct Iraq" sent to the United States Congress in September.

Prior to her deployment, COL Rohde was Chief, Office of Strategic Initiatives for the Director, Army National Guard, developing and implementing innovative data mining and modeling techniques to posture better decision-making insights. Further, she has the added distinction and recognition as one of the first experts in homeland security, having coined the phrase in her prescient 1998 publication, "Frontier of the Next Century." COL Rohde has served on a variety of senior level strategic planning teams, to include the Institute of Defense Analyses' Joint Strike Force Study Group; the Army National Guard's Weapons of Mass Destruction Task Force; and the Chief of Staff of the Army's Officer Personnel Management System ("OPMS XXI") Task Force. She also served as advisor to the Office of Net Assessment during the Rumsfeld Review and the Hart-Rudman Task Force during its own subsequent analysis of homeland security, among others.

A graduate of the Senior Service Army War College, COL Rohde has authored numerous strategic planning documents, including “Pushing the Limits of Posse Comitatus,” “Vision 2020,” “Setting the Compass: Record of Proceedings On Projecting National Guard Roles Into the Year 2020,” “Setting the Compass: Europe 2005,” “What is OPMS XXI,” “Frontier of the Next Century,” “Testing Churchill’s Hypothesis: Relative Power in 4 M’s,” and “The World in 4 M’s: A Strategy Primer.” In addition to her military career, COL Rohde is an adjunct professor at National-Louis University, specializing in legal issues, ethics, labor and employment law. She is licensed to practice law in Illinois and the District of Columbia.