Denise N Baken



Ms. Baken became the first Director of Biodefense Programs with the Institute for Defense and Homeland Security in August of 2005 . She is a versatile program and budget manager with in-depth experience with issues related to national security that range from policy development to program implementation.           

Ms. Baken was the Program Director for Chemical and Biological Defense in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological Protection and one of the developers and implementers of the DOD's Vaccine Healthcare Center Network. In both positions, Ms. Baken coordinated and integrated DOD's plans for chemical and biological protection.

A graduate of the Army's Operations Research Systems Analysis Program, Ms. Baken has also been an Advanced Fellow at Tuft University's Strategic Studies Program. Currently she is pursuing her Ph.D. in Biodefense, with an expected completion in Fall 2007. A former U.S. Army Colonel, Ms. Baken was awarded the Defense Superior Service Medal by the Secretary of Defense.